We strategically partner with organisations with different social, economic or cultural focuses. We contribute time, skills and financial support in order to help develop the communities where we have business operations.


Our Process


Financial assistance, in-kind contributions, etc.

If you represent a registered UK charity or not-for-profit organisation, you may submit a request for financial assistance, an in-kind contribution, or donation or a sponsorship. In order to help us make sure your requests are acknowledged and reviewed in a fair and timely manner, we ask that you write to: 

Communication & Public Affairs
ConocoPhillips (UK) Limited
Rubislaw House
Anderson Drive
Aberdeen AB15 6FZ

The three main areas ConocoPhillips supports in the UK are education, environment and safety. We also regularly fund social services, youth, health, arts, culture and civic programmes. About 50 percent of our contributions go towards education.


Education, environment, safety. 

Why We Give

Our decision to contribute to a particular organisation or charity is based on six main criteria:

      1. Relevance. Does your organisation have a high impact on the community? Do you have values that are consistent with our business goals and objectives?
      2.  Capacity Building. Does your organisation help to support the long-term vitality of the community?
      3. Sustainability. Does your organisation operate on a self-sustaining model?
      4. Involvement. Does your organisation create partnership opportunities? (i.e. volunteerism, sponsorships, etc.)?
      5. Accountability. Can you provide measurable results?
      6. Profile. How visible are you locally and/or regionally?


We're unable to consider applications from:

  1. Religious organisations.
  2. Individuals.
  3. Political organisations or candidates for political office.
  4. Promotional marketing or advertising items.
  5. Organisations without a registered charity or not-for-profit designation.

It is also unlikely that we will consider applications from:

  • Alumni or fraternal associations.
  • Bricks and mortar projects.
  • Endowments, except for endowed chairs or professorships in selected universities.

Investing in STEM

Securing our future.

From engaging with young people to improving gender diversity, there are many measures the oil and gas industry is taking to address its much-publicised skills shortage.

The global demand for energy continues to rise and not enough skilled professions are coming through the ranks to replace them. In order to satisfy this increasing demand, the oil and gas industry must strive for innovative ways to tap into the earth’s natural resources, developing new technologies and pushing exploration further than ever before.

In order to meet these new challenges, the industry must find people with the right skills. However, with an ageing workforce and a limited number of students opting to study Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) as they are more commonly known, the industry faces a talent crisis.

We believe that by championing the promotion of STEM activities at school level this will engage, challenge, inform and inspire our young people and will contribute to a STEM-rich knowledge economy and a STEM-literate society.

ConocoPhillips works with a number of partners in the promotion of STEM subjects to school children. These include amongst others: 

Stem in the Pipeline
> Engineering Our Lives (primary schools education project)

Focusing on Health

Keeping us active.

A healthy workforce is a high-performing workforce that fulfils its potential for excellence. We have seen first-hand the many benefits that good health can have for employees, their families and the company as a whole.

ConocoPhillips is proud to offer programmes that support health and well-being through preventative medical care, regular exercise, good nutrition and the effective management of chronic diseases. Our benefits plan includes health assessments, follow-up recommendations and voluntary health management programmes, which extend strategies for developing and maintaining good habits.

Many locations also offer health awareness events, exercise facilities and competitions to promote wellness and fitness.

In the UK we are proud supporters of the Balmoral Run where in excess of 8,000 people come along to the Queen’s estate on Royal Deeside each Spring to participate in or support the runners in one of the biggest participating events in Aberdeenshire. ConocoPhillips proactively encourages employees and contractors to take part in this race for nominated local charities.