ConocoPhillips United Kingdom

Community Investment

Stonehaven - Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Community investment isn’t just about making payments. Our community investment programmes span a number of areas, including civic actions, social investment and environmental stewardship.

We strategically partner with organisations with different social, economic or cultural focuses. We contribute time, skills and financial support in order to help develop the communities where we have business operations.

Education, environment, safety.

Why We Give

Our decision to contribute to a particular organisation or charity is based on six main criteria:

1. Relevance. Does your organisation have a high impact on the community? Do you have values that are consistent with our business goals and objectives?
2. Capacity Building. Does your organisation help to support the long-term vitality of the community?
3. Sustainability. Does your organisation operate on a self-sustaining model?
4. Involvement. Does your organisation create partnership opportunities? (i.e. volunteerism, sponsorships, etc.)?
5. Accountability. Can you provide measurable results?
6. Profile. How visible are you locally and/or regionally?


We’re unable to consider applications from:

1. Religious organisations.
2. Individuals.
3. Political organisations or candidates for political office.
4. Promotional marketing or advertising items.
5. Organisations without a registered charity or not-for-profit designation.

It is also unlikely that we will consider applications from:

o Alumni or fraternal associations.
o Bricks and mortar projects.
o Endowments, except for endowed chairs or professorships in selected universities.