ConocoPhillips United Kingdom

Community Investment

Stonehaven - Aberdeenshire, Scotland

Community investment isn’t just about making payments. Our community investment programmes span a number of areas, including civic actions, social investment and environmental stewardship.

We strategically partner with organisations with different social, economic or cultural focuses. We contribute time, skills and financial support in order to help develop the communities where we have business operations.

Focus on Health

Keeping us active.

A healthy workforce is a high-performing workforce that fulfils its potential for excellence. We have seen first-hand the many benefits that good health can have for employees, their families and the company as a whole.

ConocoPhillips is proud to offer programmes that support health and well-being through preventative medical care, regular exercise, good nutrition and the effective management of chronic diseases. Our benefits plan includes health assessments, follow-up recommendations and voluntary health management programmes, which extend strategies for developing and maintaining good habits.

Many locations also offer health awareness events, exercise facilities and competitions to promote wellness and fitness.

In the UK we are proud supporters of the Balmoral Run where in excess of 8,000 people come along to the Queen’s estate on Royal Deeside each Spring to participate in or support the runners in one of the biggest participating events in Aberdeenshire. ConocoPhillips proactively encourages employees and contractors to take part in this race for nominated local charities.