If you are an iPay vendor, you must reference either a Purchase Order (PO) or a user ID on the face of your invoice. Any paper invoice (iPay) received without either of these references will be auto rejected.

If you are an epayables vendor, you must submit your invoice against either a Purchase Order (PO) or the Contract Outline Agreement (OLA) number. Note that it is only employment agencies who submit their invoice against a Contract OLA.

If you are an iPay client, please mail your paper invoice to the Bill To name and address as stated on the Purchase Order:

Add the legal entity as stated on the PO
c/o ConocoPhillips Norge
Attn: Invoice Handling
P.O. Box 393
N-4067 Stavanger, Norway

Please note that ConocoPhillips has different U.K. legal entities, so it is imperative that you refer to the PO for the correct Bill To company name for your invoice.


If you are an ePayables client, please submit your invoices electronically through our ePayables system. If you or your company have not been trained to submit using this system, then you or your company are an iPay client.

Please remember that an ePayables invoice submission must reference either a PO number or for employment agencies only, an OLA number in 46000xxxxx format. For those submitting against an OLA, a Reviewer ID must be included along with cost coding if this has been provided by ConocoPhillips.

Wondering about the status of an invoice?

You can check the status of your invoice using our VIS (Vendor Invoice Status) website: https://vis.conocophillips.com/

VIS was designed to allow our vendors access to their ConocoPhillips invoice/payment data via the web. Using the VIS website, vendors can check the status of and estimated payment date for pending items. This service is available around the clock.

To register on VIS, all you need is your vendor number and an invoice number.

If after checking VIS, you still have questions or concerns, please send an email to: Invoice.helpdesk@conocophillips.com or call our Vendor Helpline on 01224 205007.