ConocoPhillips United Kingdom

Our History

London, United Kingdom

ConocoPhillips has had activities in the United Kingdom since 1964, when acreage was awarded to the company in the first licensing round. In 1968, the Viking gas field was discovered and first gas was produced in 1972. Since then the U.K. portfolio has grown to include additional operated and nonoperated assets.


North Sea Exploration was effectively activated by the discovery made by Royal Dutch Shell in 1959 of the Slochteren onshore gas field in Groningen, Holland. Up to this time, oil and gas finds in northwestern Europe had been relatively minor and had not attracted the attention of other than national oil companies in their respective countries.

Both industry and governments were slow to react to the importance of this discovery. The slow reaction was fortunate for Conoco as it gave the company an opportunity to catch up with what would otherwise have been an overwhelming advantage for the other major companies who were already strongly represented in Europe.